Cardboard Ghandi

August 19, 2009 § Leave a comment


Sound interesting doesn’t it? Well on Monday (17th Aug) met up with a few friends and had the intention of checking out some art galleries……..the ormeau bath, the golden thread etc. However there’s one thing that we didn’t plan………Most galleries are CLOSED on Mondays…….Ooops guess we just never put the two together. Ah well there’s not much you can do about that so we ended up heading to the University of Ulster York Street (Just can’t wait until Sept lol) which we were relatively positive it was opened as it is also a part of ISEA 2009. Well most of it was electronic art which is what the ISEA is about but the cardboard monument was the piece that grabbed my attention the most created by Joesph DeLappe who created a 17ft tall monument of Ghandi along with his “latest attempt at Internet game activism, Gandhi’s March to Dandi, was performed at Chelsea’s Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, a recreation in Second Life of Gandhi’s 1930 march in protest of the British salt tax. For 24 days (six hours a day) DeLappe used a Nordic Trak Walkfit to traverse the 248-mile length of Gandhi’s original march. His steps were converted into those of his avatar, MGandhi Chakrabati, via a handily wired connection to his laptop. MGandhi’s progress through SL was projected on a wall facing DeLappe.” (quoted by Warren Fry online article from the Brooklyn Rail)

For more info on the ISEA click here

(Sorry don’t have any pics loaded just yet…..wait a wee while – Thank you)

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