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November 26, 2010 § 3 Comments

A type of type is just a few pieces of alternative typefaces that i’ve picked up and liked so much that i just wanted to blog and share with you guys. The collection  is just a few of many weird and wonderful typefaces we have out there on the net. So have a search and see what else you can find.

Walk the type

Walk the type

Walk the type

Professor Niklaus Troxler and his colleagues from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design invite six designers from around the world to hold workshops

In the images you see above they are from Tania Prill’s student workshop, her master plan for her session was to make the students think directly and build something the theme was based on the idea that there is no ‘definitive alphabet’ – there are thousands of variations. (Which is true in the chinese language there’s over 10,000 characters. The final outcome was a alphabetical catwalk, showing the students creations which i think is a positive thing as there’s nothing worse that creating something wonderful and just keeping it to yourself, always share and share alike. To read a more indepth analysis by Prill here‘s the source of the this article.



This raunchy and provocative typeface was created by “Malika Favre french naughtyness Airside pioneer of cutting edge design.” It was commissioned for Wallpaper’s Sex and Art Issue and just incase if any of you guys want prints of this promiscuous little piece you can’t find it here in the airside shop any more. (but you could email airside nicely and see if they have any prints left or you can get a little kinky guide using Favre’s alluring typeface here. If you want to see Favre’s work process on these type you can check it out here (p.s. you’ll have to scroll down)



The unconventionally hairy piece of type was created by Craig Ward, for those of you who have a memory lapse as sometimes you do he’s a British born, New York based typographer who very “passionate about pushing type to it’s limits.” He’s done many other lettering you should check some of this other stuff if you like alternative visual lettering.

Here’s a abstract about this conceptual piece from computer arts where Ward was being interviewed and where i found info about this type so if you want you can check out more info here.

allowed the hair to fall into shapes on his scanner naturally, only tweaking letters slightly to achieve an “incidental look”, before scanning them in at a high resolution. One clump fell into a perfect circle, inspiring him to adapt his usual process of starting an alphabet with the letters ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’, to building it up from the letter ‘O’. “It was completely accidental,” he reveals. “Some shapes fell into letters very naturally – the ‘K’, ‘G’ and ‘R’ especially.” Not all were formed so easily, however, and he admits to having to come back to some later.


Type in the sky was created by Lisa Rienermann during her University period, it was created simply by photographing buildings against the sky which formed shaped of the alphabet. It just goes to show that you should look up once in a while and you never know what you might find! Your probably thinking there’s no way that she found the whole alphabet and yes she did admit to using a photoshop a bit on some of the letters, but give the girl a bit of credit she did think outside the box as the saying goes and the concept is very innovative. The whole thing began with a trip “in a kind of courtyard in Barcelona. I looked upward and saw houses, the blue sky and clouds. The more I looked, I saw that the houses formed a letter Q.” If you want to read more check out Slanted or designboom.



From finding type in the sky we now have the opposite, lettering on the ground quite literally. This concept derived from Rhett Dashwood who spent months assembling “each of these unique letters searching mile by mile on Google Maps throughout Victoria, Australia comes complete with the actual locations so you can see these spots for yourself using Google. No other word for it but amazing, i’m sure we’ve all thought about the idea and maybe executed it in photoshop but Dashwood did his homework and found a new creative use for google. Wonder if my area makes any letters? Does yours?

alfabet in huid (typeface in skin) by Thijs Verbeek.

Entitled Alfabet in huid (typeface in skin) by Thijs Verbeek, this project looks like their some amount of pain in it but compared to Sagmesiter’s body mutilation this isn’t that bad right? Definitely a unconventional type, anyone think of any use for it?  Taking this another step further maybe someone can use this technique and illustrate with it? Though i wouldn’t like to be the other person in the end but if anyone want to try send me pics at hello@winnieshek.com.


Taking the pixel concept to another level. Egg serif font by Superscript Can anyone guess what font it is?


Value Pack by Robert BolestaNot really sure about the typeface, reminds me a bit of comic sans but very playful in both technique and type style, very rounded. Entitled Value Pack font by Robert Bolesta

Not really a fan of the typeface but loved the concept and technique, reminds me of the talk talk adverts. But i shall tip my hat to the creator Nir Tober as this typeface took about 15 hours, in 2 sessions, and every letter had about30-50 takes until it was right, that’s of work drawing blindly (and alot of gasoline – joke from the article).

This is definitely my favorite alternative typeface, put a smile on my face. Titled “Fire In The Hole A three Dimensional alphabet created from melted plastic army figures.” What i like about this type is not only the humorous side of decapitated toy army soldiers but the use of alternative material and the innovation and thought in each piece and letter. Also i like that the designed didn’t just use one colour but mixed it up a little bit with adding yellow soldiers this makes the piece pop out even more as a whole typeface.





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