New Year New Thoughts

January 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well it’s that time of the year again, where there are tons of posts on blogs with advice for the new year (although this post maybe a little late) but this is where we all take a fresh stab at the new year and make tons of resolutions like healthy eating, maybe exercise more, being productive etc. So this year i’m going to take the back seat and let other people do the talking for me. Here are some of the posts about the New Year, New Resolutions and New Thoughts:

Gala Darling – More of a feminine article and focusing more on your health but a good read (i might try dry brushing)

Fleming Steele – Short and simple article about self branding. (Perfect timing, thinking of a rebrand)

Jessica Hische – Daily Drop Cap, can you do this for a year?

Design Sponge – Getting your priorities straight this post is more about the lifestyle area, making more time for friends and family.

Fleming Steele – web, social media and marketing predictions for 2011 (Not really into the web but still good to know for future references.)

Search Marketing Wisdom – Typical social media resolutions, learn more, be active, reach out etc. Short and Simple. Quick skim!

Keith Walsh – 365 days of Tees, can you do this for a year?

Chris Doyle – “This year i will try not to” A quirky publication with a innovative concept of new year resolutions not really 2011 but still worth a look.

LoungeKat aka Kate McInnes – Your typical new year resolutions to be a better designer/illustrator, what caught my eye was “Earn Pocket Money” Something all creative can and should be doing. A bit hypocritical on my half but hopefully this will change this year.

Allison Torneros – A afterthought on how to make and keep resolutions.

Well that’s all for now, do you have any links or resolutions you think i should add to this list?

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